LEED for 1431-35 Elm Street

Elm Street Townhomes are designed to be healthy, energy efficient homes having a minimal impact on the environment. Our homes are enrolled in the ‘LEED for Homes’ certification program, the industry standard for green building. LEED associate professionals have contributed to all phases of the design and construction process. The final project will be reviewed, tested and certified by a third party LEED approved rater. Elm Street Townhomes, LLC believes we all must do our part to create a healthy and sustainable environment.

Our project features the following green building strategies:

Sustainable Sites
Site selection is the first step in green development. We are choosing and developing our site in a way that minimizes any adverse impact on the environment, our neighbors and the greater community. We have chosen a previously developed urban site for our townhouses. We are restoring an historic brick building which was previously slated for demolition. Choosing to develop in this manner means we are not contributing to problems associated with suburban sprawl; pollution caused by commuting, destroying natural habitats and using valuable resources to sustain a lifestyle dependent upon the automobile. Restoring an old building means we are reusing our resources.

We are also looking at how we can improve or diminish the impact this existing building has on the environment starting with responsible rainwater management. Excessive Stormwater runoff is a growing concern. It causes irreparable damage to eco systems and economic hardship at many levels. Approximately 90% of our stormwater is managed on site using 2 different rainwater retention strategies; Bioretention Planters and Permeable Paving. Doing so minimizes the impact of our site runoff on the environment and on municipal treatment facility demands. Water is allowed to permeate the soil, percolate and purify itself, ultimately replenishing underground aquifers.

Bioretention Planters are rain gardens contained within an impervious reservoir. Rainwater collected from the roof will be directed into bioretention planters. Each townhouse has such a planter off the back deck, adjacent to the kitchen, ideal for an herb garden!

Permeable pavement surfaces consist of a permeable surface layer (known as the wearing course) and an aggregate sub-base installed over the approved sub-grade. Permeable pavement surfaces are designed to manage the rain that falls upon the pavement surface. All new hard surfaces will be permeable.

Water Efficiency
We have specified low flow fixtures, Energy Star appliances and dual flush toilets in our townhouses. Additionally, water-conscious landscaping is specified outside.

Energy & Atmosphere
We minimize our green house gas output by specifying LED light fixtures (use 75% less energy) and Energy Star appliances. Additionally we have specified natural gas appliances; stove, dryer, water heater and boiler for radiant heat (a healthier and more efficient method of heating a home).

Materials & Resources
Construction waste will be sorted and recycled. We have specified recycled building materials, durable materials from renewable/sustainable sources and where possible, locally produced. We believe in using time tested, durable, natural materials that are valuable today and can be reused by future generations.

Indoor Air Quality
Low or no voc paints and adhesives shall be used. Formaldehyde-free cabinetry, plywood, flooring, insulation, etc... are specified throughout the project.

Locations & Linkages
The site is located in easy walking distance to markets, restaurants, services, a park and public transportation minimizing the need for a car. We are eagerly awaiting Cincinnati's new streetcar which will travel north on Elm Street!

Awareness & Education
Elm Street Townhomes, LLC will provide information to help homeowners get the most out of their energy efficient homes. We will also provide a work shop on organic gardening practices. It is agreed all residents will practice organic gardening and composting. The site has community compost bins. It is further agreed all residents will recycle per the City’s recycling program.

Innovation in Design
LEED Accredited Professionals: owner, architect, structural and mechanical engineers. All are members of the design team ensuring a holistic, integrated approach to the design and construction process. Sol Design and Consulting has provided guidance throughout the process and will perform the required testing for LEED certification upon project completion.